Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Blogs You Need To Read

Its been a while since I made a blog list, so perhaps I'm repeating myself, but I think some blogs are so outstanding that they could be shred more than once!

This time I'm focusing on the "art business" side of art and blogs with three that I think hit the nail on the head, content-wise.....  there is so much I admire about how Lisa conducts her business and how upfront she is about the challenges that she meets-head on. I love how she shares her business planning and modeling, how she schedules her time and is sure to include the 'all important' personal time as well. I have heard amazing things about her workshops and hope that one day I can take one of them! has it all together, they "aim to become the number one online resource and community for artists working with textile techniques as well as textile art enthusiasts. is a place to be inspired, learn from the best, promote your work and reach other creatively-minded people" (from their website) That sums it up pretty well and they do an amazing job of it......check them out!  Alyson Stanfield has written the most essential book for artists wanting to work in their studios instead of being in front of the computer (gulp). You really can't be without this book! Its called "I'd Rather Be In the Studio" and you can order it from her website. But Alyson's' blog is an essential read with varied, relevant content.

Plus, the fact that you're reading this blog makes me think you like it as well. Thank you for your support!

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Lisa Call said...

Thank you for the mention!