Friday, May 23, 2014

Free Dyeing Workshop!

There's lots of great information that you can access online, what to know something? Google it! Want to take a class? Sign up? Something to buy? There's Paypal! We love to be connected, there's whole universe out there with just a click of a button (or two)!
I've prepared a short video for you that introduces you to dyeing gradations of colour, those groups of fabric (and maybe threads) that dye from light to dark in value. You can't have too much dyed fabric, right?
Well, now its time to learn just how simple it can be! You can check out my video and learn the basics of Colour Gradations:

And if you love that one, then I have a 45 minute video on a variety of dyeing techniques and so much more....Check it out here:


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing this video. Great information!

Susan Purney Mark said...

Thanks for the kind comments, have fun in the dye pot!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Susan. Very clearly described and thanks for editing out all those extra teaspoons (and 3 hours of waiting time)!

I'm hoping to get back dyeing again when I get home soon!

Susan Purney Mark said...

Thanks Cathy, maybe we can plan a day to dye together....