Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How Old Is the Oldest.....

So, just how old is the oldest thing in your studio? I'll bet you've never given it much thought, right? Well, I'm not sure if these books are the oldest in my studio but I have had them a very long time and judging by the topics on the cover, they date to the 1940's....Mend and Save for Victory, On the Home Front...... I'm not that old, they belonged to my mother and I cherish them!

I love some of the topics in the books (they are a series of 10 different ones) about making a foot stool from a wooden crate, lots of embroidery stitch diagrams, making curtains and bedskirts and so many other topics.
You can make a sunshade, I make one last summer, but it didnt look like this:

Braided rugs, with suggested colour combinations: 

There are some wonderful ideas in these little books, we don't do much work like this anymore! What is the oldest item in your studio?

So my purpose in showing you these, is that I've made up some great little Thermofax screens from some of the images. You can order them here: 

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Anonymous said...

I believe the oldest 'thing' in my stash is my mother's textbook from 1925 "Normal School' Home Ec class giving instructions on embroidery, ribbon trims etc.
Isn't it great that our Moms saved these wonderful item?