Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bowker Creek Art Show and Gelatin Printing

Last Sunday I was part of the Oak Bay Artists Society's outdoor show known as the Bowker Creek Brush-Up, what fun it was! Set along one of the major creeks in our neighbourhood, visitors could ramble along the path and visit the different art displays. The weather was perfect and it was a wonderful day for all!
The artists are asked to demonstrate their work when possible, so I decided to work on some gelatine plate monoprints, a technique I often return to when time allows. Since the day was so warm and in the later afternoon, I was set up in full sun, the paint dried quickly!

 Here are some of the items I had for display, they include a variety of techniques such as screen printing and stitch!

If you like them, they are available here:  and include mats.

I worked on making samples through the day and here are some that I completed. I think I will add more colour with dyes and perhaps some paintsticks!

The one above was done using willow leaves as masks, I just had to reach up and grab a few!

These will be great for collage or stitching.

 And I like the ghost print on the left, that I got with this one.....
If you would like to learn more about Gelli or Gelatin printing, this is a great book to use as a resource:
Did you know that its not necessary to buy a Gelli Plate for great printing? You can make your own quite easily! Try this link: for instructions. A plate that is made with just gelatine and water will eventually break down, but can be revived by melting in the microwave for a pot on the stove and reformed.
If you'd like a more permanent homemade printing plate, you can make one by adding glycerin, here's a recipe plus lots of great tips:

Are you excited yet? If not, here's more great news! I'll be teaching a Gelatin Printing Workshop on Sept. 30th in my studio. I'm just in the middle of getting the information on my website, so stay tuned, its going to be lots of fun!

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