Monday, November 24, 2014

A Bit of This, A Bit of That...

Its been a busy, creative week. I finished the Studio Tour and had a marvelous time, lots and lots of people through and many positive comments. The Studio looked fabulous, it was tidy, with lots of art hung up and space to walk around. The hot apple cider was a hit, as well as the shortbread.....
I finally finished the quilting on my largest art quilt to date, its about 48" square(ish)and many times I wondered if the quilting would ever be finished? As you can see, its pretty heavily quilted.

Right now its back on the design wall, being blocked out. Then I'll put the backing on, do a light amount of stitching to keep the layers together, and add the binding and a sleeve. I have two shows in mind to enter with this and for once I might be able to submit before the very last minute!

When I'm teaching surface design workshops, I do a lot of demos! so I come home with piles of little samples....what to do with them? OK, I know I could always mail them to you! Instead, this year I bought a couple boxes of the cards with window frames and fused the little samples to a bit of paper backed web and slipped them into the frame. They were a bit hit, I almost sold out of them!
Have you got some scraps or bits that you think might work, then turn them into cards.

On my trip to Italy, I took over 1200 pictures, thank goodness for big media cards and iCloud!
I was particularly taken with the architecture, and today made a prototype for a new workshop and used some of my Colour Blocking samples. Just getting started....

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