Saturday, November 1, 2014

Three Reasons to Ignore Pompeii

So, one place on my Bucket List has always been a visit to Pompeii. What could be better than a chance to visit an ancient city, preserved for centuries and waiting through time to be alive once again.
When planning the trip I realized that a trip from Rome to Pompeii would be a long, long and very tiring day. A better option was suggested in the guide books as the port city of Ostia Antica, a quick train ride from the centre of Rome. (Reason #1)
We arrived and took a short walk from the train station to the main gate, there were probably several hundred people touring the ruins but the city was so large and well laid out, it never felt crowded. (Reason #2)

There was lots of green space around to sit and enjoy the cool breeze (did I mention it was hot?) just outside the city is the Necropolis, which is the burial grounds.....burial and cremation was done outside city walls. The openings in the walls was were the urns were placed.

There were cooking areas, an ancient shopping mall, worship places and lots of inscriptions.....I wish I could read Latin!

I loved every minute of our visit to Ostia, and would go back again and again, as we only saw a small part of it. But we got back in time for a little refreshment. (Reason #3)
Doesn't it all sound like fun?

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