Friday, February 3, 2017

Etsy Updates....or how an idea happens!

I've actually been spending some time in the dye room, getting more Ice Dyes and Thermofax screens made and updating some items in my Etsy shop....

First I designed this thermofax screen from some fabric that I had stitched up and painted -

After the paint was dry, I unpicked the threads and ironed the fabric flat

 It reminded me of little people figures doing semaphore....if you're not sure what that is....Google it!

So then I made a thermofax screen:

Which you can buy here:

And I tested it on some print was good, so I did a whole bunch:

And I like the fabric so much that now it's for sale here:

 And that's the story of what happens when you have an idea.....what's your idea???? I'll bet it would make beautiful fabric!

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