Monday, January 12, 2009

Stamping Monday

This time I had all I needed right in the kitchen drawer! A whole pile of elastic bands that come off the vegetables from the supermarket. I love those broccoli ones! Wrap them around anything with a flat surface. It could be a piece of wood, I've used a piece of foam core, you'll find something else perhaps.

Make a pattern with your placment of the bands, it could be a sort of checkerboard or plaid or totally random. The best part is that you can move the elastics around and change your designs so easily.

Use a brayer or spread the paint on your tray and then roll it onto the elastics. You'll probably get some on the board as well, but that can be part of the design.

Press your little elastic board onto your fabric, repeat as often as you wish. Remember to use a print table to get the best impressions. Rotate the board to change the orientation of the designs. Change colours of paint to make layers of design and have lots o'fun!

I recommend that you make impressions of all your stamps in a separate sketchbook to record ideas, colours and repeating patterns. You'll find that you come back to them again and again.

Have you tried this method as well?


KarenF said...

That looks like fun!

Connie Rose said...

Great ideas, Susan! I love the print with the rubber bands.

jpsam said...

What a good idea! One could use a "meat" tray that has been cut down, as the block on which to wrap the bands. I'm going to have to stop using those broccoli bands on my rubber band ball!

Thanks for another great Stamping Monday tip!

Judy momenzadeh said...

Susan--Your a genius and an angel for sharing with the rest of us! Thank you!!! Ooops, I just threw 2 meat trays away. I just read Joan's comment; better go dig the out of the garbage.

Yvonne said...

Thank you for another great stamping idea, Susan!