Monday, January 26, 2009

Stamping Monday

Today its about being green and using what is around you! We probably all have some styrofoam meat trays our community we can take them in for recycling, which I do after I've had a bit of fun. This is something that you can easily do with friends, kids and in a class room.
Begin by cutting the foam tray the size you want your stamp to be. Score it with a pen, pencil or the end of a paint brush. The tip doesn't have to be sharp but your lines will be the width of the instrument. Try a comb, needles, almost anything will leave an imprint. Press firmly but not too hard to create a design on the foam stamp.
Use fabric paint or thickened dyes and roll your brayer along the surface of the foam stamp. Don't push too hard or the paint will be pushed into the grooves and the print won't be as sharp.
Turn the foam stamp over and print onto fabric that has been pinned into a print table. (See December 23rd post for making a print table) You really want to have the fabric fastened down on something or it will tend to lift when you remove the stamp.
If your foam is flexible you can make partial stamps by bending the foam slightly or you can apply paint to only part of the stamp for other effects. If you get bored with your design, wash the stamp and add more scored lines for additional interest. If you're still bored, cut the stamp into squares or strips for "new" stamps. Remember to turn or rotate the stamp for variety in your design.

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maggi said...

Thank you so much for sharing all these stamping ideas.