Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Stamping Friends!

Judy Sall, from Flagstaff Arizona, sent me a few of her images that she has used. Judy says "Most of my stamps are made from sticky-back foam, but I also dabble in 'found object' stamping as well as carved stamps using various soft mediums. The last picture is of a piece of fabric I created during a class on surface design techniques, when I first began to learn to use stamps to embellish fabric. I created a simple fish shaped stamp and discharged fabric I had previously dyed... still love the colors I got from the discharge!"

Judy....I can see that Southwest flavour in your work....what fun! Thanks!
Judy is also part of my Complex Cloth Round Robin exchange. Five of us are rotating a one yard piece of fabric from each participant and adding colour, texture, design and pattern. Each yard will visit all five participants over the coming months and then go home to its owner full of exciting surprises! the Complex cloth group is a wonderful way to learn and explore. You can join at:
visit Judy's website here:

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Ro Bruhn said...

What fun stamps, love them