Monday, March 2, 2009

Stamping Monday

Todays stamp is another little gem from the Dollar Store. They're called "stainless steel scrubbers" and although I use plastic ones for my dishes, I suppose they'd work just fine in the kitchen.
I made a random stamping (up and down motion) in some paper with two colours and I think it would be just great if I cut it up into shapes for collage. Perhaps with some matte or gloss medium and then layering paint over top. that would create some interesting textures and layers of colour.
Then I used the "scrubber" with a set of circle templates that are avaible in your local office supply store. Just look in the section for drafting and landscape planning. They come in all sort of unusual shapes!

This time I used some dyed fabric and stamped with the scrubber on top of the templates. You could have all different types of designs with these little gems. Think of using different colours in each of the circles, using discharge paste to remove colour in the circles or create your very own "crop circles". What fun! Got any more ideas to share with others?

1 comment:

jackie said...

You have such fun. I have just posted a piece on my blog which I printed with your idea of pleats and fruit/vegetables. Thanks again for the idea.