Thursday, September 10, 2009

Indigo Class

Today I had so much fun being a student! I am taking a two day indigo dyeing class with Gloria Daly, an exceptional teacher and quilt artist.
We began by tying, pleating, clamping and polewrapping cottons and silk.

I had prepared some clmped pieces so I got into the dyeing right away.
Here are some pieces that were just taken out of the indigo pot and are waiting to be hung on the line to dry.

Here are some of the fabrics, there is silk and cotton, scarves and yardage.

I'll be back tomorrow with lots more fabrics, including laces, ribbon and more. So check back and I'll have more pictures.
In the meantime, try looking at these sites for more information about indigo dyeing:

1 comment:

Michele said...

I want them.
All of them.
Send them with Lasagna fabrics.
Thank you.