Monday, September 14, 2009

Stamping Monday

In this post I'll show how one image can be used in three different ways to create a useful design. I found this design on the refuse containers in Honolulu, remember its important to look everywhere for interesting ideas!

I carved two different sized stamps of the "negative" image from Speedy Cut, one about twice as big as the other. I roughed up the edges a bit so it wasn't so even.
I also cut another "positive" image from some Flexi-cut. this product comes in think sheets that can be cut with scissors or an art knife. I cut one image and then another slightly larger and mount the smaller one on top of the larger before sticking to my wood block.

Here are some of the designs I stamped. The fabric is a coarse linen so the images are a little rough.

One more idea I'd like to pass along....mount your stamps on the back of a paint stir stick. They're generally free and you can cut them to any length!


Yvonne said...

Thanks for these ideas, Susan!

Dolores said...

I do like the simplicity of the design.

FunkyC said...

I LOVE the reverse image stamps! Your prints of them are so interesting. And you're inspiring me to get back to carving.