Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dover Sampler

Every Friday I get a special treat in my Inbox from Mary Davis. Now I've never met Mary and probably never will but I find her emails to be exciting and "illustrative"! I've joined the Dover Sampler list and every week there are exciting images to download and use however I please. You will probalby know that images from Dover Publications can be used in your artwork almost without restriction. Dover Publications sends these promotional emails as a way of promoting their books and often give very good deals on their books. Check them out at:
I use the images for inspiration for my stamping, printing and drawing for both fiber and artwork. Here are some of the images that I have recieved:

If you would like to join the list, send an email to: and check out the recent offerings at:


Leslie said...

I've been getting them for about 5 years, many a source of my works have come from Dover inspiration as well.

Gloria said...

I get them, too, and find alot of inspiration from them! My file folder is pretty full of images! I even recognize some of them in others quilts!