Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Quilt Canada....

My second class was Screen Printing for Quilters, the organizers of the workshop did a wonderful job of taping painters canvas over all the carpets and good plastic sheeting on the tables. So we were neat and tidy through the entire class, not an easy feat!
On the first day we used screenprinting inks and wooden screens in the morning. Students had been asked to bring their own designs cut into paper stencils. This worked well. In the afternoon they were introduced to thermofax screens and had a wonderful time exploring what the screen could do. I learned how much drier it is in Calgary, even during snowy weather....we had a challenging time getting the screens cleaned before the paint dried!
On the second day the students used thickened dyes, much easier than the paints! They went to town trying new ideas, overlaying designs from the previous day and being creative.

Even the print cloths were beautiful! Seventeen students in a large bright room is my idea of a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who made it such a success, especially my assistant Eleanor!
That evening we finished up at a special western-style banquest that included a "quick draw" team in a shootout (with blanks)! And the dessert was divine!

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