Sunday, January 8, 2012

Books on Sunday

I know that normally I review books that have to do with quilting and fibre arts but I couldn't resist telling you about one of my Chrismtas gifts!
I can claim to be an avid gardener who doesn't spend nearly enoguh time doing what she loves in the veggie and flower beds, but this year I have made plans to change all that! I've resolved to spend at least 3 hours a week this winter, cleaning up the beds, pruning  trees and generally getting it all ready for spring....there, you've heard me say that, be sure to keep me on track!
Who doesn't love to eat fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden and here in Victoria we are fortunate to be able to garden pretty much year round, so I'm excited to be using The Zero-Mile Diet book as inspiration for growing more food and eating healthier. You may be familiar with the 100 Mile Diet that has helped to change the way we feel about food and where it comes from, now The Zero-Mile Diet is an excellent source for teaching us how simple changes can make us healthier!
And I figure that since my husband gave me the book, he'll be wanting to join me in the garden and help with the complete redesign that I'm planning!
Important Tip! I know there are hundreds of quilting blogs....did you know there are also hundreds of gardening blogs too? I'm off to visit some right now................

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