Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Five Different Ways to Kick Start Your Creativity

Here are some "no-sew" tips you will find useful to get going in 2012:
  1. Grab one of your quilting books and pick a project, choose fabrics only from your stash, decide on the layout and size. Get inspired, 'cause you aren't required to make the quilt, just get excited about what you already have!
  2. Make a Design/Inspiration Board for your studio and pin photos, ribbons, postcards and anything with colours, patterns or designs that you love. You will enjoy looking at it all through the year! If any item begins to bore you, take it down and tuck away for another time.
  3. Pick out a magazine you already own, find an advertisement with colours that appeal to you and choose all the embellishments, threads and beads that match those colours. Take a photo and pin it to your Inspiration Board.
  4. Pick a few pieces of china, glassware or jewellery from the cupboards, group them together on a little table and add a small bouquet of flowers.
  5. Group some fat quarters together and tie up with a pretty ribbon. Keep them in your studio ready to give to a friend who needs some hugs!

Mish Mash and Bash 2011

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bronwen said...

I would also recommend Pinterest, for all the yummy tnings you find online. It will save the location you saw it for coming back to later. I find looking at my boards can be quite inspiring! Xo