Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Comes in Threes - Blogs to Visit

I admit it, I love the mobile universe.....sitting somewhere and being connected to what is going on far, far away. Its like looking over someones shoulder and seeing their part of the world! I often spend spare travelling time "surfing" and have a few favourite blogs I'd like to share with you:

I love them because they're a Canadian company working overseas to make a difference in peoples lives. Plus they have wonderful dyes and products "to dye for", plus they have awesome workshops, plus their bricks and mortar store is amazing, plus they lead tours on wonderful adventures, plus, plus, plus!

My friend Marny takes wonderful pictures, she goes on wonderful vacations to wonderful places, like France! She's a wonderful stitcher and student, too! And a wonderful friend!

If you don't like colour, don't go to this website! If rich, saturated hues turn you queasy, don't click on the link! If you think the best colours are black and white (actually they aren't colours at all!) then turn aside and go take an aspirin! BUT, if you like inspiration, fun and a bit of attitude, then go for it!!!

OK, this was fun, I hope you enjoyed it too! Maybe I'll try it again next week!

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