Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stitch Like An Egyptian!

Last week I was at the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show as an instructor, I taught four classes including a couple surface design techniques such as Thermofax Printing and my popular Font and Fabric class.

During some of my down time I had the privilege to visit the Stitch Like an Egyptian Exhibit sponsored by AQS. There were over 90 hangings created by the Tentmakers of Cairo, a group of craftsmen who have created these elegant and highly decorated tents, a skill practised for over 2000 years.

These hangings are so colourfully exquisite, richly detailed with traditional motifs that the exhibit fairly hummed with excitement and energy! Many already had sold stickers on them and the prices were very reasonable, I wish I could have bought a couple.....

Two of the Tentmakers were at the show, sitting and stitching quietly to illustrate how the applique is done. They were so patient and seemed to quite enjoy all the attention that dozens of middle aged women heaped upon them!

The show will continue in the AQS Des Moines Show and once that show is finished, the hangings will be sent their new owners.

For more information, check out these links, inlcuding a couple of videos:


Lexa said...

It is so great to see crafts people from other parts of the world where the traditional practices continue. Thanks for the links.

Daphne Greig said...

The exhibit will be at the AQS Des Moines show too so I'll see it there between teaching workshops and presenting my lecture and demo.

Jean said...

Susan, thank you for putting these links together so that we can learn a out these fabulous quilts. The story on Jenny Bowkers site was fascinating.

Ann said...

Thanks for the links. This looks like a great book for colour and design.

Suse said...

I am always interested to see what others are doing in the world of the arts and how they interpret their own world. Fascinating!

Rejeanne said...

Susan, I also was at the AQS in Grand Rapids and I totally agree with your comments. Just amazing to watch those quilt makers work on their applique works. The quilts were phenomenal.

Susan Purney Mark said...

thanks for all your comments, everyone. My DH has chosen Jean as the winner of the book. So Jean, please email me with your mailed address and I can get the book in the mail to you!