Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet Dale Anne Potter - Inspiring Designer

I would love to introduce you to a wonderfully inspiring and energetic woman whose newsletters and Facebook missives have been motivating and energizing me for a long time! I've never met Dale Ann but I feel like she's one of my best friends and supporters, I even received a video message on my birthday from her....

Here's what she had to tell me recently during our interview:

I am a Textile Mixed Media Artist, Teacher, Positivity Coach, Speaker who lives in a small town in SW Saskatchewan, Canada.
I grew up on a farm  in east central Alberta so this little town is perfect for me!  I have lived in large cities across this country of ours, but this is HOME! I enjoy the landscape - places where I can see for miles & miles and also, places that have surprises behind the hills and trees.

I have been creating all my life.  I recall sewing by hand with Mom when I was 4 or 5.  I never thought of myself as an "ARTIST" until 2001.  I kept telling myself that I needed an ART degree! I am ever expanding and enjoying trying new ideas, techniques, etc.

I know as a business you are supposed to concentrate on one thing and GO BIG.  I LOVE both textiles and mixed media, so use them both in my artwork.  Sometimes its more textiles than papers, etc. and sometimes its reverse - this is the reason I call myself a Textile Mixed Media Artist!

I branched out last year into being a Positivity Coach.  I have been, myself, expanding with courses, workshops, many books, etc. and have been promoting a more POSITIVE LIFE.  People started noticing, I was  asked by a couple people about coaching, then one more and one more.  
Again, I have been told that I should have a degree or initials behind my name in order to do this, but I feel EXPERIENCE is also a great teacher.  I coach using art journaling as its been therapy for me over the years.  We do inner work and I am fully aware if someone needs more than I can give, I recommend them to someone.
Living in a small town, the Internet is very big for my business.  Its where I have sold the most artwork, where I teach regularly, and how I promote my business.  Social Media is the NEW way of marketing - you get to know your clients/customers and they get to know YOU.  Where else can I spread my POSITIVITY with barely any cost and to the masses?
Presently, I am teaching 5 online workshops/programs and more to come in the fall.  My website: has more information.  One of the events I am honoured to host is the first Positively Creative Retreat to be held in April 2013 with a special guest.  Positivity, Creativity and Serenity - what more could you ask for?
I have many more surprises coming in the future and the best thing to keep up on these will be my Creative Ramblings newsletter (sign up on my website).

I hope you will sign up for Dale Anne's newsletter, its a bright day when it arrives in my Inbox!


Dale Anne Potter said...

Susan, I am honoured to have you as a friend and THANK YOU for this feature.

Suzanne said...

Wonderful interview done with Dale Anne. I love her style, her creative work, her enthusiasm and never ending teaching on social media with positive quotes and questions to get us thinking. I'm in the process of finishing the e-class she gave on Positively Creative Journaling... it was a lot of fun.