Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 Tips to End Your Year Right

I enjoy reading and participating (when I can) with Morna at the Professional Quilters - here's what her email mentioned and I have checked off 4 of the 5 tips. Read it over and see what you can do before the end of year!

We have less than two weeks before the year ends and we start 2013. You can still take positive actions to end your year right and get a head start on 2013. Here are five tips:

1. Don't wait until Dec 31 to check your financials. Do you need to follow up on any late invoices if you want the income to be in 2012? Do you need to make any expenditures by year end? If you listened to my call with CPA Maggie Mayer, we discussed some of the changes you could make by year end to make a difference in your tax situation for the year.

2. Look back over the year to see what your successes were. I think as entrepreneurs we often do not take the time to celebrate what we have accomplished. We are always onto the next big thing. Go back and list what your accomplishments were. I bet you can come up with 100 if you try.

3. As you looked over your successes, did you see places for growth? Spend some time over the next two weeks getting clear on what's possible for you. Consider who you'll need for support, whether that's private coaching or your own personal networking group.

4. Have you started planning for next year? Have you purchased your calendar or created one that works for you? Have you entered dates for big events and those appointments with yourself? That way you can start the year on the right track. You'll see where you need to fill in to build your business.

5. Have you thought about what Your Big Why is? What's the reason you get up each day and work in and on your creative arts business. If you are unclear, set aside some time over the holidays to consider it. That will make a difference as you begin the New Year.

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