Friday, December 28, 2012

New Plans for a New Year

Last year about this time, I was in the midst of selling my half of a pattern design business and all the paperwork, boxing up and reorganization that a sale such as that produces. I was also working at building up parts of my business that needed work. I made time for planning what I wanted to accomplish for the year and I also spend many hours redesigning and planning my studio renovation. My goodness, it was  busy year! I did achieve many of my goals, some I chose not to pursue, and others remain to be fulfilled!

I admit that I do love making plans and lists. For me, there is something calming about getting thoughts, dreams and ideas in sequence and on paper. But I'm also a realist (mostly) and accept that not everything on that list will be checked off by the end of the year. And that's OK, its partly about easing up on myself and remembering to build health and wellness time too! I truly believe that when I plan well, I work well and spend less time frittering away.
How do you manage with your plans? Do you plan daily, weekly, monthly and yearly? Do you write it down, keep track or hold yourself accountable in some way?
Do you have resources that you use such as planners? Calendars? Other things? Why not share some of those with us?
Here's a couple websites that I've used, though I "cherry pick" what I want from those places:

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