Thursday, August 22, 2013

From my Print Table - Summertime Printing

Summer is a great time to take advantage of all the wonderful shapes and textures in our gardens. Pick and few leaves and grasses and come play with me!

You will need: a couple of acetate or plastic sheets (plastic page protectors are good), fabric paints, a brayer, some fabric and your greenery!

1. Pour some paint onto you plastic sheet and spread it out with the brayer.

2. Lay the leaves onto the paint and pat down so all areas are touched by the paint.

3. Lift the leaves carefully and lay down onto the fabric (remember it doesn’t have to be white fabric).

4. Pat gently on the leaves and then lift them off. 

5. Repeat for multiple images. Let dry and follow the manufacturers directions to set the paint.

I like to use either the Jacquard or Setacolor paints. Look for the glittery ones if you want a bit of bling or the opaque so the images show up on darker fabrics.

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Lisa said...

Great idea Susan! Your print is gorgeous! I like making mono-prints with leaves. They are so beautiful! I posted about it here: