Monday, August 26, 2013

From My Sketchbook - Continuous Line Drawings

Continuous line drawings are one way of improving your drawing skills by observation. You may do many drawings before you produce anything you actually like. As with other art exercises, you are not ‘making pictures’ so much as being part of the process. Don’t be stuck on the idea that you are ‘making art’ and must produce something worthy every time you put pen to paper.
You can make these drawings almost anywhere, at a cafĂ©, playground, shopping mall or sitting in your home. Have a large pad of paper and use either a pencil or marker/pen. Sit comfortably and look at the subject, start on one side and work to the other without lifting your pencil or pen. You can look at your work if you wish, but its often helpful to keep your gaze upon the subject and not trying to ‘improve’ your work while creating it.

Try this on a daily basis and see what gradually develops as you work. Consider drawing the same subject from different angles every day for a week.
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