Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, Monday

Since my work week is often very flexible, I've never had cause to complain about Mondays.  Sometimes I'm en route home from an event or in the studio catching up with some work or it happens to be my DH day off so  try to make it mine as well.
Yesterday was the Bowker Creek Brush Up and I had fun demoing my soy wax resists and meeting the public and fellow artists. Today I'm answering emails, washing fabric, making plans for teaching next week at the Pacific West Quilt Show (hope to see you there!) and unpacking.
Here's some of the fabric from yesterday:

I think I actually spend only about 50% of my time creating and working at the sewing machine! Years ago I remember thinking if I owned a quilt shop-, I'd be able to sit and sew all day, ha!
Anyway, I wanted to mention the wonderful gift I received a couple weeks ago. I was at a guild meeting and met a woman who had moved to Victoria from Jakarta and all her furniture had been shipped wrapped in cotton fabric. She wasn't a quilter and didn't want any of it. So she asked me if I was interested? Interested, you bet! The box has over 130 metres of cotton, to dye, stamp, screen printed, paint and more..... What a wonderful gift!

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Lisa said...

Ever since all the children started school, Mondays have been my FAVORITE day because we are back on schedule and I have time to work sewing, painting, and drawing!

What a fantastic gift you received! Lucky you! The demo pieces are beautiful