Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In My Beginning

I have a quilt on my bed that often reminds me of my Aunt Stacie. The first time I met Aunt Stacie was in 1967. This was Canada's centenary and my parents and I travelled across Canada from the west coast to visit our "family" farm in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. The farm has been in the family since 1783, when "mad" King George granted the land to those who remained loyal to the Crown and travelled north to settle in what would become Canada.

When  I visited with my parents the farm house had only just had indoor plumbing installed two year before.....and there was no electricity! Remember this was in the 1960's, I had never been to a home that didn't have power!

At bedtime I went upstairs with my coal oil lamp, as many generations had done before me in that house and snuggled under many layers of handmade quilts.....a novelty to me as we were a "wool blanket and bedspread" family!

Aunt Stacie showed me how to do some simple hand piecing and I remember travelling home with a little kit of fabric, pins and thread. Although I've long since misplaced the little kit, I still remember the warmth and love in that home with dear Aunt Stacie. 


Laura said...

What a lovely story, Susan. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Clarke said...

I have my baby quilt, made by Grammy Mason, but my favorites are the two she made from my mother's nursing school uniforms from the Montreal General Hospital. Twin sized, with muslin machine ( treadle?) and hand quilted. Lots of memories and dreams sewn together.
Susan Clarke, Kingston

Susan Purney Mark said...

Susan, they become so precious, don't they?

Sandie Hrycyk said...

I enjoyed your memory of sleeping under your Aunt's quilt. The first time I slept under a quilt was wonderful. It was a crazy quilt that was so heavy you could barely roll over. I loved it. Great memory.
Sandie Hrycyk
Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Susan Purney Mark said...

I agree some of those old quilts used wool blankets and such as batting, they squished you flat!
Good to hear from you!