Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is Okay Good Enough?

When I have a bit of time and want some design inspiration I often head over to Pinterest. Are you familiar with this virtual bulletin board of eye candy? There are pictures and information for every kind of object that exists in the world and lots more that exist only in our imagination!

If you'd like to see what my Pinterest boards look like then go here:

I've pinned pictures and inspiration on a wide range of topics, but lately it's been about gardening. I found great pictures of "garden glass art" and took a quick trip to the thrift store that supplied me with lots of glass bowls and plates. A tube of Gorilla Glue and I was sticking pieces together with wild abandon!

Mine aren't quite to the quality of some that I found on Pinterest, I was excited to start and used what glassware I could find. The glue seeps out around the edges, but I'm thrilled that the pieces actually stuck together and I'll be placing the flowers in a far spot in my garden. I figure no one will get up too close to see the messy details......

But what about my art work and quilts? Is "okay" good enough? When we put ourselves out on display for all to see, what happens when others think we've missed the mark? That our work is just "okay"? Then I think we've let the viewer down and we have disappointed ourselves. I have lots of work that has fallen short, it lays in bins in storage or it hit the garbage without being completely finished. Sometimes it's work that "at the time" was the best I could do. But it no longer reflects the artist that I am today. So it languishes in the dark and perhaps will go in the garbage during my next cleaning purge.

Because my glass art might be "okay" but my art needs to be more than "good enough".

What are your thoughts?


Jeannie said...

I love your glass flowers!!! I have some odd dishes I purchased for design inspiration and didn't want to take them back to the thrift store. I saw a garden in Cannon Beach a few years ago that had put glass door knobs on threaded bar for "flowers". I made a few and love them. Your new class looks wonderful! Have fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Is okay good enough" is a tough question: striving for perfection can be debilitating but accepting "good enough" may dull the desire to progress - perhaps our own inner voice and above all the joy in the art of making should be the judges of whether "good enough" is okay or more than okay :-)!