Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oh Dear, It's Happening Again!

Every year about this time my fingers get itching to be outside in my garden. Things are starting to pop up, the lawn has been mowed once already and I can barely stop myself from driving into every garden centre I pass.
Does this happen to you?
Do you fight it or give in?
I've done a bit of both.....a couple weeks ago I planted some lettuce blend on my deck. I thought it was a bit chilly so put some tomato cages over top and then plastic bags for a bit of a greenhouse effect. Little green shoots are starting to pop up. Is it lettuce or more of that darn chickweed?

Sometimes my approach to my art is a little like that....I start too early, when there's just a hint of an idea. I get excited and jump into something before my concepts are fully formed. I have the design in my head and it looks perfect. But then after a bit of work I realize that success would be more likely if I had spent a more time planning and testing before jumping in at the deep end and not knowing if I was getting lettuce or chickweed.

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