Friday, July 25, 2014

The Dream Collection

A while ago I sent one of my pieces to the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) for their 2014 Benefit Auction. all the quilts had to measure 12 " x 12", but otherwise subject matter and technique was pretty wide open.
My quilt is called Flywheel and uses soy wax resist with fibre reactive dyes and  heavy thread stitching. It was a trial piece for my larger Wild Thing.
One of the ways SAQA promotes the auction is to ask members to make a Dream Collection of six pieces with a common theme, such as seasons, cities, people and such. I was thrilled to see my piece included in such as collection and you can see it here:  Its called Running in Circles!

The bidding for the auction starts on September 15th.
Here's How You Can Participate in the 2014 Online Benefit Auction
The Auction is run in three sections for 6 days each, with a special section accompanying the International Quilt Festival in Houston.
  • On the first day of each section's auction, the price for each piece in that section is $750.
  • Each day thereafter, the price is reduced according to the chart below.
  • Pieces not reaching the reserve price of $75 will be sold in the SAQA Store through November 2014 or if unsold will be returned to the artist.
Check out further details here:

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Laura said...

Fabulous Susan. Thanks for sharing your piece and the link to the rest.