Monday, November 17, 2008

Stamping Monday

This week I have a slightly more traditional stamp-making method to show you. I like to use SpeedyCut from Speedball, it is soft without being too pliable and I can cut it into any size shape that I want, small or large. However it does tend to break down over time and if the carved lines are too deep the entire block can crack into pieces and then I lose my design.
Its possible to draw a design directly onto the SpeedyCut with a pencil. I begin by drawing the design on paper, then reverse the paper so the image is touching the SpeedyCut. Rub over the back of the design and the lead from the drawing is transferred onto the Speedycut and its ready for cutting. this is good when using letters as the image comes out the correct way.
I use a lino cutting tool from SpeedyCut and have the following blades: Liner (1), V-Gouge (2), Large Line (3), U-Gouge (4), Large Gouge (5), Knife (6). Keep them sharp, it is possible to buy replacement blades quite inexpensively. I like
I keep a separate sketchbook for all my stamping images, I can try out combination, colours, multiple images and more. Its fun to play with different combinations and see what patterns I can develop.
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Vivien said...

Thanks for the stamping posts. I'm going to have to give these methods a try.