Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stamping Monday

You'll never look in at lace the same way again! I bought a piece of unusual lace a while back, knowing exactly what I wanted it for! I hunted around in my husbands bin of wood off-cuts until I found a piece exactly the right size.
I used that wonderful invention....double sided carpet tape and honestly you can stick just about ANYTHING with that stuff! If you want to make stamps, you really need to invest in a roll of the stuff! I rolled the entire surface of the wood with the tape, stuck the lace in place and there it was!

I used a brayer to roll paint onto the lace and stamped onto some paper. I had to make sure I laid the paper on my printing table ( it really needs a softer surface with a bit of "give" to it). Don't lay your fabrics directly onto a table, floor or other hard surface.

Some of the great aspects: the lace is a "larger than normal" stamp, lots of scope for borders and larger images, the lace has a strong thread running through it so it should stand up to a lot of wear, the image is asymmetrical so each of the long sides is different. That gives me many opportunities for designs.

You may need to brayer a little more generously with the paint, it took a while to apply enough paint to the stamp.

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kathy york said...

I love your experiments! I forgot you were doing them every monday, so thanks for posting on QA the little reminder. I will keep checking back. I love the bleach discharge after quilting too, nice idea!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Absolutely brilliant!

One Creative Queen said...

Great idea!! I love it when things like that just work out! I'm going to find some carpet tape...I'm sure I've got some of that around here...somewhere!


Mandi said...

Awesome! I have some similar lace I bought last year, knowing I'd want it some day. This is perfect...thanks!

Wen Redmond said...

very cool idea= I've played a bit with stamping and have never used this tape- will give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

arlee said...

I've successfully used heavy lace as a rubbing on a silk screen and printed it beautifully also, but this is so much simpler! Lovely!