Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sandy's Stamps

Yesterday I asked for anyone to send pictures of their stamps and I got a lovely email from Sandy Snowden in Bracknell, UK.
Sandy tells me: Here are some stamps I made from rubbers (the British term for erasers). I used different types; all of them are double sides, so 2 photos. Also in the photos is evidence of how we were taught to design them.
Which is:Trace round the rubber on tracing paper. Then draw the design with pencil.
Turn it over and burnish the design onto the rubber, and then carve using lino cutting tools. At the bottom right are 2 small stamps I made when I wanted cuneiform writing on a piece

Then check out: (centre near the top of the piece.) She has a great blog to look through!


jackie said...

I have just put a link to your blog and stamping ideas onto my blog. Our term for erasers is a little unfortunate I think!

Loreen Leedy said...

Thanks for the great ideas about stamping. If anyone wants to see a leaf/feather stamp used to make a heron, I blogged about it here: