Monday, February 16, 2009

Stamping Monday

Today I've used a great product from Dick Blick called Flexi-Cut Printing Plates. I love it because its thin ( 1/6" ) and can be cut very easily with an art knife or scissors. It is sticky backed so it can be mounted on a board for easy handling. Look for it here:

I began by drawing my design onto tracing paper with a soft pencil and then flipping the design onto the printing plate and rubbing across the back of the paper. The carbon from the pencil lines transfer quite easily and then its simple to cut out the shapes and mount them onto the board. I actually have two thicknesses of the printing plate, one just a solid shape and then the upper one is the cut out. This gives me a little more depth to the stamp.

Although I made a two part design I didn't like how the upper part turned out so I cut it off and was left with just the leaves.

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bronwen said...

That's great stamp and design!