Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stamping Monday

Well, Stamping Monday has turned into Stamping Tuesday this week! I was out of town until last night, but I've got a great one for you...
Run over to your local dollar store for a package of cheap erasers, get the white ones, rather than the coloured....they are softer and easier to carve. I like to have three together and make my carved design all one. But the neat part is that as a single eraser or as a pair they are still pretty interesting

When carving, hold them firmly together but don't squeeze too tight or they'll pop apart. And remember that you can carve on the reverse side to create an entirely new design.
Once you are done, remember to clean your stamps before the paint has had a chance to dry. I use tepid water and a soft nylon brush that gets into all the little lines to clear the paint out. then I lay the stamps on a towel to dry. I store my stamps in clear plastic containers with lids. Don't put your carving tools in the smae container unless the blades are covered!
If anyone else has some stamps they've made, send me a picture and I'll post it on this blog! Remember to also send a picture of the stamped image. Send it to info@susanpm.com


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

I always look forward to Stamping Monday :-) These are great, but how do you get them to stay together when you're carving and stamping?

Sandy said...

You can use baby wipes to clean the stamps. Works well as you go and you decide to change colour.

I have some stamps like these I did when I did my C+G design principles. It is only a few, but I do plan to make more. I will send a photo. I like the idea of doing a "together" design that can be split apart.

Sandy in the UK