Monday, February 2, 2009

Stamping Monday

Today I'd like to show you an easy and dramatic technique that you may have seen before but it bears repeating..... Look at garage sales or thrift stores or you might find some in behind your couch! Once you lose a couple of pieces from a jigsaw puzzle they're not much good, so turn it into a stamp and you'll probably have enough for dozens of stamps!>
Glue some pieces onto a backing; some cardboard, a piece of wood or foam core. Make some small ones, some bigger and some huge...any size will do.
Brayer some paint over the stamps and you're ready to go. Try metallics on dark fabrics...flashy! Or stamp black paint on a white background for a dramatic look. Fun and a great idea for these winter days.
Check back tomorrow and see a Dragon!


KarenF said...

well, I thought the rope one was my favorite...I think I have a new one!

bronwen said...

This is very cool. I hope it wasn't one of my childhood puzzles tho.