Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun Fibre Days

I got home last night from two days of batik and deconstructed screen printing at Studio G Art
The first day we used soy wax for our batik, I'm totally sold on this product as it washes out easily, there's no smell and it doesn't smoke if too hot. I buy my soy wax at Dharma Trading
Luckily it was sunny outside so we were able to hang the fabric to dry. gloria, the owner of Studio G, treated us to a wonderful lunch on her patio and then we went right back to work!

Gayles work in progress, there's lots more to be done here!

Ann Marie tried the batik on a piece of chamois, we're excited to see how it turns out!
Mr Beetle came to visit too!
On Wednesday we began some deconstructed screen printing. Since the workshop was only one day I had prepared the screens a couple of days previous and we were able to get right in and have fun creating wonderful fabrics.
Gloria likes to work with big pieces of fabric-

Anne Marie begins working on her fabric-

We finished up the dye filled screens in the morning and then painted soy wax on the backs of our screens and pushed thickened dye through for more exciting printing!
Gayle had a blast and made great designs-

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Darlee Byron said...

Awesome! This WORK looks more like PLAYTIME. Great results!