Monday, June 22, 2009

Stamping Monday

I found a page of corrugated paper in my studio that I had bought at a scrapbooking store. I thought the surface of ridges might work for stamping.

I also had a curvy blade to fit my rotary cutter, so I made some free form shapes and applied some paint with a brayer.

I think they look interesting enough for further exploration, especially other shpes that I could cut out and lots of overlapping images.

I might paint on some acrylic medium to help the paper stand up to a little more abuse!


Leslie said...

Pretty kewl, I think I have some of that paper in my stash...

I am so glad you have Stamping Mondays, BTW... Lots of inspiration for me...

Janet Rice-Bredin said...

Susan I want to come to your house and do some print play with you!
Too bad we live so far away from each other.

Love your posts and photos!