Monday, June 8, 2009

Stamping Monday

Last Month, at Quilt Market, I found a vendor with stacks and stacks of colourful rick rack. Thinking I was very clever I bought two spools of white with the intention of dyeing all 48 yards of it! Sadly, after a few dye pots....I admitted that the rick rack wasn't cotton.
I figure that I can paint it with textile paints at some point.
But I thought it had interesting shapes so I put it on the back of some stamps with double sided carpet tape.

I stamped onto dyed fabric and made an interesting design by rotating the block.

I used a number of colours stamped onto white fabric several times.

I then made a second stamp with the rick rack in straight lines. I stamped discharge paste onto some stretchy black with an interesting texture in the weave.

I think I'll make a couple more stamps with the rick rack....after all I have 48 yards to use up!


free indeed said...

What a creative mind you have to use up that rickrack! I tried dying sheets once early in my marriage, when I was quite young and 'stupid'...they weren't all cotton either and ended up very much like you pile of nonsense. We live to learn, or at least we should otherwise we'd never move on 'up from the ashes'.

Leslie said...

Neato, skeato. I like what it has become..

laura west kong said...

That's terrific! Looks like rick rack stamps would make a great play day.

I just may have to try it soon since I've been wanting to do a bit of sun painting, but alas the sun is not cooperating. If it did, I could even use the rick rack for sun painting!

I don't think manufacturers make much cotton rick rack these days. Maybe if you looked for vintage rick rack you'd have better luck.

Yvonne said...

What a great way to salvage the rickrack!

Judy Momenzadeh said...

Susan--I was surprised, I don't know how you come up with all of this! I love these tips.

Lois Jarvis said...

Thanks!!! I am always looking for ways to use rickrack. I thought the pastel colors you got were pretty. You know, rickrack comes in many different sizes...