Monday, June 1, 2009

Stamping Monday is Back!!

Stamping Monday is back on the air! I had to take a little break due to a lot of travelling and other commitments, but now I'm charged and ready to go.
A couple weeks ago we had a large Douglas Fir tree removed from our back yard, it was interferring with the power lines and BC Hydro offered to take it down and cut it into fireplace lengths. We now have about 6 cords of wood that will last us a very long time!

I noticed that the ends of the wood were fairly even and some had interesting texture.

So I prepared some painted papers and had fun stamping!
I picked a piece of wood that wasn't too heavy and at first I tried brayering on some paint but couldn't get enough of a print. So I resorted to brushing it onto the end of the log.

If I wanted to keep the stamp I would cut it a bit smaller!

I'd love to post more ideas from viewers so feel free to send me pictures and brief descriptions to


Leslie said...

Fun Idea, thanks

Darlee Byron said...

Susan, that looks really neat! So cool when we use stuff that we already have at home, no matter how or when, either.
I haven't got into this artform yet, but you make it look SO fun!!!

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Susan - I'm glad you've revived Stamping Monday. I've missed it and your creative eye for finding unusual stamps.