Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Day on the Water

On Saturday my husband and I rented kayaks and set off for a "three hour tour". The weather was fabulous, warm but not hot, sunny and just a hint of a breeze!

We paddled around to the end of Razor Point on Pender Island and saw a most intriguing rock at the point and while sitting in the kayaks we could hear a bagpiper playing, rather an odd venue, perhaps his neighbours prefer that he plays far, far away! I kept looking for him but he was in amongst the trees.

We had fun looking at the star fish and saw both purple and orange ones.

We discovered "kelp crabs" which actually live on the heads of the bull kelp right at the surface of the water. they have additional seaweed on their back as a disguise from predators. I imagine seals find these crabs a tasty treat!

We also came across red jellyfish, also known as Lions Mane which are becoming more common in local waters. I saw one last fall that was about 20" across, though this one is much smaller.

It was a perfect day, brought to a close with a cool beer at the local pub......

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leilani said...

You saw some things I've never heard of -- even at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!