Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the Road

Last week we returned home from a quick camping trip to Edmonton to visit our son. the easiest and quickest drive is through Jasper National Park in the Roackie Mountains. We camped along the way in probably the smallest tent trailer ever created. Its Canadian made and designed for motorcycles, easy to put up and take down.

Mount Robson is the tallest mountain in all the Rockies and is alwasy a surprise as we took a bend in the nighway and were presented with this view....stunning!
We camped in the National Park and took a walk along the Athabaska River which eventually drains into the Mackenzie River and the Arctic Ocean. We say lots of river rafters. We also saw a grey wolf, black bear and lots of elk but too slow to take a picture.

We went for another walk and found the entrance to an old silver mine.

Once in Edmonton we visited the bakery where our son works....they have awesone baguettes, we took several home and they disappeared quickly.

We met this fellow playing cards but he didn't have much to say.


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Janet Rice-Bredin said...

Nice photos Susan! What a beautiful area. Haven't been there for years, but you've reminded me all over again how much I'd love to go back.
Hey, Sid's been researching that little camper - do you like it?