Monday, August 3, 2009

Stamping Monday

Sometimes you will find that the stamping material you buy will deteriorate over time and start to break down and crumble. This was happening to one of my favourite stamps and I wanted to make another copy before the original one fell apart completely.
I thought it would be fun to make a second, mirror image of the stamp and have an opportunity to create more interesting designs.

I stamping the image on some new material that will last longer. The one I prefer is Mastercarve by Staedler, its a little thicker and seems more dense. I think I'll be using it more in the future.

So with my two images, it was easy to carve the opposites by carving into the blank,background areas in one and into the black, stamped areas in the other.

I stamped images onto some dyed fabric and then used discharge paste and stamped onto black linen and steamed it for some interesting designs. The black linen design will be used as the border on a jacket cuff.


Kristin said...

I like your stamps, Susan. Very nice effects!

The mystery image was interesting. I'm surprised it turned out to be a shoeprint. Interesting idea.

Kristin in SC

dyana said...

Very nice effects.....
thanks for sharin with us......


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