Monday, February 20, 2012

Learn All About Quilting Design

On February 24 my class on Quilting Design will open at and its a class I always love to teach. There are limitless ways to design the quilting part of our work and its often overlooked as an important design element. Here's a little taster to get started.......

Keep a Design File
Now is a good time to begin collecting and organizing those design ideas. Have a couple of manila folders handy to put magazine clippings, photos and anything that can suggest a design possibility to you. Take pictures at quilt shows of designs and quilts you admire. Remember that you can pick elements out of several designs and combine them for your own. Of course, you must be careful of copyright infringements. The border treatment in one quilt could combine well with the corner and setting triangles of another.

Some of the items which might be included in your design folio

Start collecting quilting designs and stencils when you shop. I think dollar-wise, they are one of the best deals around. We will be talking about sources for these and other non-quilting ideas for your designs in the  class. there's still time to register.

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