Sunday, February 5, 2012

Books on Sunday

There are just a few books that I would say no quilter, artist or designer should be without and today's book is one of them.
These books (they're actually a series) are an essential part of my library and they have become my go-to resource for design inspiration on many occasions. 4000 Flower & Plant Motifs is full of beautifully rendered drawings (black only) of every possible plant and flower, both real and imaginary. The books is divided into sections such as Art Deco or Primitive and designs are copyright free.
Truly, I suggest that you really must own this books, and all the rest in the series! They are available from most booksellers and online through

Here's the blurb:
With more than 5000 floral and plant motifs to choose from, this resource is a perfect source of inspiration for all kinds of creative workers-graphic designers, stitchers, woodworkers, ceramists, or tattooists. Artist Graham McCallum's hand-drawn designs include many historical styles, border motifs, and simple and elaborate plant compositions. All are available on an accompanying CD.
ISBN 978-1906388928

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