Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More about Sketchbooks

Size is important to think about if you work in a variety of styles, media and locations. I like the large 16" x 20" for working in the studio. I can paint the papers, move pages from book to book and more. for that size I like the coil bound ones, and Aqua Bee are my favourite with rich, firm 93 lb. paper.
Check these out here: http://www.beepaper.com/paper/classic-super-deluxe.asp

But I also like a 6" x 9" or so for carrying around from place to place....very portable and the pages are large enough to get lots down. For that size then a hard cover is important to take lots of punishment. I prefer a bound book with a heavy weight paper so it can take water media as I tend to use my watercolour pencils a lot with that size.
These are yummy! http://www.dickblick.com/products/hand-book-artist-journals/

Then there's the little ones, perfect for fitting into my purse, pulling out in restuarants or on the bus, easy to take notes or make a quick little sketch....and I love the Moleskine three pack that are about 4" x 6", some have a pocket at the back for keeping love letters and more.... paper quality isnt as important as I'm using mostly pen and markers, but Moleskine does have good quality paper in their books.
Here's some to tempt you: http://www.moleskine.com/catalogue/classic/cahier/

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