Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue Glue-Who Knew!

I'm getting ready for my trip to the APWQ show in Tacoma next weekend and putting the finishing touches on my lecture "Surface Design - and other Fun Stuff! The lecture is on Friday @ 2pm, so stop by if you get a chance!
I'm also presenting at the Saturday Sampler showing how to use regular blue glue as a resist for batik. Believe me, it works!! Here's a piece I just finished, I also added some gold metallic foil but it doesn't show so well in the picture. I used Dye-Na-Flow paints, diluted about 50/50 with water and three layers of screenprint/painting, letting each one dry in between.
I've also added the Palm Frond as a Thermofax screen to purchase in my shop:

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