Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colour Study-Lily

Here's another colour study of a lovely lily. Take a moment and look at the values shown in the picture, from a very dark green that's almost a black right through to the lightest, pale pink.

Now, if I remove the colour and make the picture just black and white, you can clearly see how wide the value range is. Remember that value is only light through to dark when it is compared with another value. To say something is a medium value has no meaning until it is compared to with a lighter or darker value.

You can see what a difference removing the colour can be when you study colour. Remember when everyone was using the "piece of red acetate to look at their quilts, the colour red was not magical, you could do it with any colour, the exercise was simply to get the quilters to look at value. Now with digital cameras its much easier to look at pictures on the computer and remove the colour in order to see the "value" of the quilt!Try it with some of your quilts.

Here's the colour study I did of the lily picture:
Tomorrow, some more ideas about colour.

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