Sunday, August 14, 2011

To Wash or Not to Wash!

That is the question! If there's any way to create a controversy amongst quilters, its to ask if they pre-wash their fabrics before cutting and sewing.....the battle begins!

For years I would not let a fabric enter my studio until it had been thoroughly dunked and scrubbed in the machine! Now, I'm a little more fussy about whether the package hits the laundry beforehand.
I use a lot more of my dyed and printed fabrics in quilts and those have already had several processes including a thorough washing before I put them in my stash.
I use batiks too, and the better quality batiks have already been washed during the dyeing process.
But I've also had a couple of scary experiences with not prewashing some lovely red fabrics....
So, dear reader, I will leave the decision up to you..........I think there's pros and cons for prewashing or not, but if in doubt, do it.

Totally Awesome Tip!
Even if you decide to wait until the quilt is made, I recommend Orvus soap, it a neutral, synthetic
concentrate pure soap shampoo originally developed for washing livestock, It contains no phosphates, is biodegradable, no scents or perfumes, little or no suds. Its great for all fabrics including any that need gentle hand washing and for those with allergies. Look for it at a place that carries horse and livestock supplies or it can be ordered here:

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