Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Technique Tuesday

Fusing Fundamentals

Fusible web is a man-made fiber that will melt when heated. When placed between two pieces of fabric, the melting action of the web causes it to fuse the fabrics together. The fused fabric is stable, easy to cut and resists distortion on bias edges.
Did you know?

° Fusible web comes in a range of types, almost all of them attached to a release paper on one or both sides which stays attached until you remove it after the ironing process.

° Fusible web comes in a range of sizes; generally you can buy 12", 18" or 24" widths that are cut from a roll. If you decide to make many projects it might be a good idea to buy a whole roll.

° I recommend that you keep your fusible web rolled rather than folded so it will not separate from the release paper. Large pieces can be rolled on an empty tube or bolt insert. Your local quilt shop may have a bolt insert that they would be happy to give you.

° Many fusibles are sold with a plastic instruction sheet wrapped around them. Keep this with your fusible to remind you of the brand and type since fusing instructions may vary for different products. Some fusible web will deteriorate with age, so don't use web that is several years old and do keep the web away from direct sunlight.

° Remember that longer isn't necessarily better. Read and follow the manufacturers directions for fusing time, different products will vary in the amount of time needed for a good bond. Leaving the iron on longer can damage the fabrics and may make the appliqué fall off. Make some test swatches and keep notes on the settings for your iron and the optimal time for fusing.
  •  Always, always use an applique pressing sheet or baking parchment with your fusible web!
Susan's favourite fusible!
I prefer a lightweight web that has release paper on both sides. This means the web will not stick to the pattern when you trace it and ensures the fusible does not separate from the release paper until you want it to. I use and recommend Steam A Seam2 Lite for almost all my fusing projects!
Totally Awesome Tip!
Is the bottom of your iron an aweful gunk-site? Lay an old folded towel down and place a damp Magic Eraser on top. Heat the iron and then run the iron over the Magic Eraser several times. Gunk will disappear like Magic!
I`ve also heard that fabric dryer sheets will do the same thing!

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