Sunday, July 7, 2013

Books on Sunday

Would you like to own a book that you keep coming back to again and again? One that has so much depth and good solid content that you could spend months and years working through the activities and exercises that are offered?
Then Joen Wolfrom's Adventures in Design is the book for you!  The three sections are titled Setting the Visual Stage: Eight Ingredients for Great Designs, Creating the Visual Dance:A Blueprint for Superb Designs and Designing Spectacular Quilts. Each section explains important design elements and has detailed explanations as well as exercises to do. One of the most important parts of this book is the photographs used to illustrate each point that Joen makes are explained thoroughly for the reader to understand the design. For example: "Reflections is a lovely example of an impressionistic scene. Impressionism, which is a genre that is part of the representational design style, offers visual suggestions rather than clarity. Most shapes are recognizable in this design yet some are left to our imagination. This allows us a certain amount of visual interpretation." I really appreciate explanations such as this, its like guide taking me gently through the art gallery.

Another interesting point is that the book contains visual references for both the traditional and the contemporary quilter, so would be suitable for every style and technique that a quilter would use.
If you are interested in understanding your work and wanting more and better designs, then run out to buy this book!
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